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What Does It

Mean To Speak?

Mashuq Mushtaq Deen

Deen is an award-winning resident playwright at New Dramatists, a core writer at the Playwrights Center, and winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Draw The Circle. He is also a dear friend of mine.

Pawel Wojtasik

Pawel was born in Łódź, Poland and came to the
to the United States as a refugee in 1972. In his films and large-scale installations Pawel's creates poetic reflections on cultures and ecosystems.

Originally from Japan, Yuki is an actor and performing artist based in New York City. I met Yuki about 15 years ago at a butoh dance workshop in Brooklyn.

Ilov Grate

Ilov was my pole dancing teacher for many years and plays a key role in my film My Erotic Body. She is

a performance artist and sensual movement teacher specializing in improvisation and audience interaction.

Jorge Calvo

I met Jorge in 1998.  We collaborated on video and performance projects for about 20 years. Jorge is from Costa Rica and lived in Australia for 10 years where he studied acting.  He works with photography, sound and writes poetry.

Jennifer Bartlett

Jennifer is the author of several books of poetry and is currently working on an extensive biography of Larry Eigner.  This interview took place while Jennifer was at an artist's residency in Iceland.

Phillip Baldwin

Phillip is a designer, media artist, writer and researcher working on the connection between architecture and information. He is  professor of Media Arts at Stony Brook.

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